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Vortex Gone Viral: 4 ways you can capitalize on hyper-relevance

As more and more people join the ranks of millions on social media as daily active users – practically one person joins every ten seconds – more and more original content is hitting the platforms. When niche current events happen that affect the masses, such as the death of a celebrity or movements by mother nature (like the thunderstorm that is rattling all of LA this morning), these hyper-relevant moments create the perfect opportunity to capitalize on social media currency – views and shares that then result in follows. Below you will learn the different ways brands and individuals are capitalizing on hyper-relevant moments like this week’s deep freeze!

1 – The early post gets the shares

Twitter user Mark Powell tweeted an 11s video early yesterday that is now going viral. By posting early in the morning Mark was able to catch the attention of some major news outlets like CNN hungry for content, which resulted in reposts, landing him viral views and retweets.

Current stats: 1.73M views and 6.7k retweets

2 – “Tik Tok-ing it” aka evolving the hyper-relevant trend

With this influx of single-topic user-generated content making its way across the Internet I couldn’t help but be reminded of Tik Tok, the newest social media platform that is gaining increasing popularity amongst Gen-Z. As if memes couldn’t get more meta, Tik Tok allows the posting and rapid reproducing of visual and acted-out memes. It’s like a game of telephone, it starts with one meme/idea and then builds and evolves as more users reshare with their own spin. As if the polar vortex were a meme on Tik Tok, it’s so cool to see how the masses are creating, sharing and evolving ideas with this rare meteorological phenomenon.

conception: #hotwaterchallenge
the masses caught on that throwing boiling water into the air in sub-zero temperatures looks like a cool magic trick. This user got 500k views by directly tagging news outlets with permission to use his video.
thinking outside the cup: #hotcoffeechallenge
This local coffee shop in Toledo, OH thought outside the box, flipping the script from hot water challenge to hot coffee challenge on Instagram. Media outlets paid attention and reposted. Bravo!
also trending: shooting freezing water out of a squirt gun

3 – Educating the Masses

Phenomenons in current events such as this deep freeze brings on a whole lot of niche science that most of us don’t know or think about day-to-day. This creates a perfect opportunity for brands and users to create original and resourceful content such as…

USA Today took a cute spin on teaching us all how to walk correctly… the more you know!
life hacks
and brushing up on your meteorological terms like…Snow Squall?

4 – Getting Some Laughs out of a snowy situation

Kudos to this local Police Department responsible for breaking the ice with a parody post

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