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Sotheby’s Art Institute – Reach Millions of Millennials on Social


With the diffusement of Art becoming ever-present in mainstream media, the Sotheby’s Art Institute, an online and in-person masters-of-art program, wanted to bring their message online, but they were having trouble bringing younger audiences to their website.

How does one talk about Art?

The proper way to express it is in concept: for Art is beautiful, emotional, and above all, moving.

So when Sotheby’s came to Sightworthy, we knew that this project was going to rock. After all, isnt Video also Art?

Our challenge was to spread the love, or word of the Sotheby’s masters-of-art program, to a myriad of different social-media platforms.

The goal?

To create a winning marketing campaign, or in other words, to spread awareness of the Sotheby’s Art Institution, boost attendance for online summer programs, and to get exposure into the appropriate demographic.

Our Work:

With some editor magic, Sightworthy’s editors took a few long-form videos from their YouTube channel, added some light copy, and a CTA, and turned them into 6 videos on Instagram Ads.

The Power of Successful Video:

Instagram Ad:

The video ad shown above obtained 1,000,000 views on Instagram. Realizing the potential for more, we then made a video ad for Snapchat, which ended up generating hundreds of leads for Sotheby’s Master’s Program and driving down CPA by 31%.

Snapchat Ad:


Rachel, the Marketing Manager at The Sotheby’s Institute, said this about us:

“These videos worked so well, we even increased our ad spend! We also referred them to our colleagues at the School of NY Times.”

What will be your success story?

It could be with us!

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