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Pup-Peroni – How Do I Make Bacon Sizzle In 9 Seconds or Less?


Its a fact: dogs love dog food. And people love dogs loving food on social. 

Did you know, there are agencies that specialize in promoting solely dog influencers?! More on that later…


For marketers in the pet and food industry, especially bigger brands with slower production cycles, its hard to create content at the pace in the style by which dog-content-fiends want to view it. So Pup-Peroni came to Sightworthy looking for new avenues to present its image in a fun way – short-form video ads on social media.



So, what did they want?

Pup-peroni wanted a combination of GIFs and organic posts on their Facebook and Instagram Accounts. Their main focus was the mouth-watering experience of their delicious product: Pup-Peroni Minis.


What did they get?

Sightworthy was given two long-form videos and brand-specific requirements to work with. With three rounds of feedback, a Sightworthy editor recut the initial product into four branded posts for Instagram, 3 Instagram Stories as well as three GIFs for Facebook. But it wasn’t just a copy and paste job, the editor also applied special effects when necessary, all to make the video feel more “fun” and engaging. The editor even got the famous “Pup-peroni Bacon Sizzle” just right. #magic


The final videos contained scrumptious shots of grilled meat, sizzled so fresh you’d want to eat it right off the screen!


Check them out!

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