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#Rightworthy: Use it or lose it – promoting your videos effectively

#Rightworthy is a series of tips about getting social video right, from your local A/V Club president, Chloe

Imagine this:

You’ve just finished making a stellar, one-of-a-kind, video.

And now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch your viewership numbers rise sky high.

But days pass, and your viewership is slowly rising, but not at the rate that you want.

You sit there, waiting for something to happen, but in the meantime, you’re thinking…


Here’s the issue: In this case, the individual is lacking an audience but you’ll need to build your audience first, which will take some….convincing – which is to say, some marketing expertise.

Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks to help you overcome these issues!

Part 1. Social Media Platforms 101

Using Social Media to promote your presence is an excellent way to build an audience.
It is highly advisable to post your video to multiple platforms to see where you get the most traction – sort of like A/B testing – so you can find the optimal strategy, know where your audience engages the most and exceed your KPIs.

Here are some tips & tricks for utilizing some of the world’s most influential platforms:

Facebook is the all-encompassing, global network of social media platforms, and definitely not a platform to be ignored when thinking about reaching your audience. With over two billion users and covering a multitude of demographics, Facebook is a valuable tool for creating brand awareness and aligning content with audience viewership. With this in mind, it is an ideal platform for reaching people who are above the age range of 30. At Sightworthy, it is a key resource, being our 4th highest source of traffic!

Instagram is another powerhouse, especially now with the integrated features and ability to get involved with your audience. Many who use this platform are millennials, and they are here for great videos, insightful commentary, and beautiful photos. Use your content to gain a following, and then follow up with them! Instagram Stories, Hashtags, and Posts are a great way to engage authentically with your customers, as well as your employees.

Twitter is the home of Trump, Kanye, and others who post unabashed controversy makers. However, don’t fear the competition! In addition to news, many others use Twitter to keep their following with their interests. Twitter can also be used to share brand & product launches, popular memes, real-time event videos & breaking industry news. Don’t forget to add the necessary trending hashtag to capitalize on current events, to position yourself as an up-to-date leader in your industry.

LinkedIn is the home of the business professional. Known for ambitious, go-getter personalities, like Peter W. from Deadpool 2, Linkedin’s demographic is interested in what your company offers, and the culture relative to its industry. Linkedin is best for B2B marketing, reaching decision-makers and targeting specific professional industries and audiences. Also keep in mind, that this platform is a new and emerging marketplace, which means that now is the time to get in and experiment.

YouTube should require no explanation as one of the oldest, and still most popular mediums, but did you know that it boasts the second largest search engine on the market?  That means a presence on Youtube will lead to amazing SEOs, more organic views, and therefore great for engagement. A nice statistic: (1/3 of the internet is on YouTube so get better at tagging!)

PART 2: Becoming an SEO Master
The next step in the process is Search Engine Optimization. All social content is indexed, increasing your brand’s authority within searches and getting you all of the views. Follow these tips below to make sure you’re taking full advantage of platforms like Google and Facebook:

Upload Consistently: each video you create is another opportunity for brand engagement, leading to more shares and traffic, on Instagram stories, post shorter 3-5s videos that swipe up to longer videos on your website, on facebook make sure you’re consistently posting so you’re top of mind AND content is fresh!

Upload Directly: If you’re distributing video on Facebook and LinkedIn, make sure you’re uploading it organically so it gets pushed up higher in people’s feeds.

Like and Comment: encourage your viewers to interact by liking or commenting, sometimes posing a question or having a clever caption helps, the more engagement, the higher your video ranks in searches.

Research-Driven Content: predict what your audience will search for, and make content that is relevant to those long-tail keywords. Google has a great tool – the Keyword Planner – check it out here!

Choose a good thumbnail: yes, this last step matters a lot. don’t skip!

If you’ve followed all these steps, GREAT – you’re now ready to spread the word about your video!

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Good luck Creatives, on all of your future video productions!


The Sightworthy Team


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