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ICYMI: Tips for Super-Personalized Marketing in 2017


Digital marketing conferences are always a dynamic mix of learnings on the very latest and hottest marketing tactics and channels, expert speakers from hot brands, and the most hyper networking (both on social channels and in-person) that you’ll ever see anywhere.

There’s always the wildcards too, the person or company that everyone wants to listen to or speak to in order to analyze the what and how that went into whatever “secret sauce” they created that got them either big gains on ROI, or personal acclaim through going viral or sheer marketing brilliance. I mean, remember the stir the Dollar Shave Club video caused?

The Portland edition of the nationwide Digital Summit that hits 15 cities touched on a few overarching themes, which I’ll now present to you in quote form:

“The biggest missed opportunity in content marketing is playing it too safe.” – MarketingProfs’ Ann Hadley

“The average daydream is fourteen seconds long. We have about 2,000 of those a day. We are made of stories.” – GoDaddy’s Shawn Pfunder

As marketers in 2017, we need to be constantly experimenting and taking risks, as well as doing the best job we possibly can telling our customers’ stories. Storytelling as a brand, but with the intent of connecting with your customers, is widely acknowledged as THE most vital thing companies can do. And as always, short-form visual content is the most engaging way to do this: videos, Instagram Stories, Snapchats, etc.

The Portland edition of #DSPDX also featured lots of Beyonce mentions, including a session by Michael Barber titled “Making Lemonade: Traits Beyoncé Can Teach The Modern Marketer To Run The World” that offered up 6 “Bey lessons” that can be applied to marketing such as “Slay all the time” which was mainly about coordinating the content you’re presenting to what your customers want, when and where they want it.

There’s also always at least one session on AI (artificial intelligence) and how it plays into current marketing trends. The answer? I dunno, something about robots? Seriously though, personalization (think messages targeted to the individual on every level), and marketing automation is where we’ll continue to see evolution. There were also several sessions on goading resistant companies and Gen-Xers into getting your brand on Snapchat already, and one on taking your Facebook Live broadcasts to the next level (and btw, you can now download FB Live videos and put them elsewhere, like your blog or YouTube).

Stay relevant, take risks, and increase your customer empathy….these are the key messages for digital marketers in 2017.


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