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#Rightworthy: Using your smartphone’s camera effectively.


How to #Rightworthy
#Rightworthy is a series of tips about getting social video right, from your local A/V Club president, Chloe

This actually happened to one of our customers in the Engineering industry:
“We paid $20K for a video crew for our conference, but the video that ended up going viral was one of our employees eating a banana, shot on a smartphone”

Sometimes the most authentic (and engaging) moments are unplanned…why wait for a crew to show up when you can capture them yourself?

Grab your smartphone and follow along as I talk you through these game-changing tips, you won’t miss another moment again!

Steady, Steadyyy….
Before going out for a shot, it is important to gear up! Pro Tip: Even with your smartphone camera app in hand, it is important to bring extra tools to make it more professional. A big one is shaky footage – make it a thing of the past with a tripod or stabilizer. Check out some recommendations here!

Low on tech? MacGyver it: lean your camera on a wall or ledge for still shots!


Camera Settings 101
Three main variables to think about with camera settings are resolution, frame rate and light.
• resolution: smartphones can shoot in 4K now! That is amazing picture quality.
• fps (frames per second): choose 24fps or 30fps for natural-looking video. choose 60fps if you want to shoot slow motion video.
• light: the more light you have, the better. just try not to shoot in direct sunlight.

Double the lens, double the fun!
Dual lenses allow for more versatile shooting situations:
• Wide lens (1x): great for shooting establishing shots, such as b-roll
• Telephoto lens (2x): great for shooting people or close-ups…you can zoom in without losing quality
Access the telephoto lens on iPhone by pressing on the “1x” button, which will switch the zoom to “2x”.


And that’s it, you are now officially ready to make the world your canvas!

If ever get tired of doing it yourself, Sightworthy has plenty of professional editors that can help you turn your amazing stories into visual masterpieces for cheap!

For more tips and tricks schedule a call with me here!

Keeping it real since 1988,

Chloe @ Sightworthy


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