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New Name, Who Dis?

Where It All Began

When we started Humblee 2 years ago, we were primarily focused on simplifying the creation of educational videos. About 6 months in, we expanded to other types of video and found our niche when we saw the explosive results social video generated for our customers. As our vision and product evolved, we realized that Humblee only embodied us as founders and didn’t illustrate the value of our product. We needed it to do both.

With the help of the RGA, Snap, IPG accelerator, we invested in a full rebrand, so it was definitely the right time to also make the name change.

Enter, Sightworthy.

There were several deciding factors that ultimately led us to changing our name. Our shortlist summary:

1. We needed a simpler URL. was commonly misremembered.
2. We wanted a stronger association between the company name and the value of our product.
3. We wanted it to feel like an extension of who we are as founders

We felt that Sightworthy captured both the essence of our videos and our dynamic as a founding team, both worth seeing. We used (highly recommended!) as a way to brainstorm ideas, gather inspiration and to actually buy the trademark.

We also liked how it sounded when we imagined a customer saying it: “We use Sightworthy to make social video, and we’re hooked!”

Changing our name was part of our journey. We’ve found that many of the challenges we faced going through a name change were common amongst growing startups. We learned a lot during this process so we wanted to share our biggest takeaways for anyone who is embarking on their first name change.

Lessons Learned

    • Letting go. It was sad to say goodbye to the name Humblee, and that makes sense! It was an integral part of our identities for the last two years and we allowed ourselves some time to get used to it.
    • Embrace Change. We allowed our product strategy to evolve, so it was necessary to remain open and adaptable. As your strategy evolves, it will change shape many times. Get comfortable with that early on!
    • Avoid too much feedback. It can be confusing and is not always helpful. At the end of the day, you know your brand identity and story best, and a name is what you make of it.  
    • Don’t wait for the ‘right’ time. There’s a never, ever a good time to change your company name. Once you decide to do it, trust your gut and you’ll figure it out as you go.

For the people who have been following our journey, we are very grateful. We want to celebrate the name change – and overall journey – with you! So we’ll knock 15% off your next video pack if you sign up this week.

Follow us at @go.Sightworthy and follow our story as it continues to evolve.

Thanks for being our cheerleaders, and here’s to the next 5 years and beyond.




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