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The Best Videos of the 2016 Presidential Election


The televised debate tonight between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is pretty much all everyone is talking about. So we dug up some of the funniest videos either featuring or spoofing 2016’s nominees. The media already has scandal and outrage covered, so let’s do something different; take a break and laugh along with (or at) them.

Does Anyone Really Look Good Between Two Ferns?

People either love or hate Zach Galifinakis’s deliberately obtuse and offensive comedy style. On his faux talk show, “Between Two Ferns,” he’s interviewed everyone from President Obama to Justin Bieber. Hillary has been criticized by some for not being as funny on the show as Obama was, but we think she did a pretty good job of not suffering the fool that is Zach G.

Besides, he refuses to even have Trump on his show…let’s let that sink in for a minute…a buffoonish comedian who says outlandish things for shock values refuses to bring on a guest known for the same. He claims it’s because he’s too “mentally challenged” and therefore would be taking advantage of him. 

You Won’t Recognize Johnny Depp!

Earlier this year, Funnyordie put out a pseudo-documentary spoofing Donald Trump called “The Art of the Deal: The Movie.” Wearing the expected orange, floofy wig and enough rubber prosthetics to completely obscure his natural handsomeness, Johnny Depp transformed himself into the presidential one some call “Cheeto Jesus.”

The movie trailer is currently being featured on Funnyordie and the entire movie is available to stream on Netflix – maybe you can watch it during commercials breaks while the debate is on. Drink whenever Trump says “deal.”

Straight Outta Options!!!

Finally, here’s something that sums up how many Americans feel about the elections this year. As a bonus it hearkens back to all the presidential candidates everyone’s probably already forgotten about:. What up, Carly Fiorina!!!

“Bernie is his name and ya’ll runnin’
Straight outta options
Is a brother that’ll cover your mother
And help the system to recover
Tax evading billionaires
And when the banks get caught
They get bailed”



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