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Embarrassing Moments Caught on Video

We can admit it – we’re not above laughing at the foibles or misfortunes of others. But sometimes one person’s embarrassing moment is another person’s “day in the life.”

Hillary – Don’t Feel Bad, Boo

That thing where you’re a presidential candidate and you pass out at a 9/11 memorial…like any normal, exhausted person would because it’s crowded and humid and you’re sick with pneumonia, and then people say you:

  • are actually a body double
  • are “losing it” because your campaign is losing
  • have Parkinson’s disease

Sheesh, exaggerate much? Stumbling publicly while under such media scrutiny is an embarrassing moment, sure, but let’s not get too cray-cray about it. Everyone’s allowed to have a sick day without it blowing up into a conspiracy theory.

Is There Anything About Tinder That’s NOT Embarrassing?

That thing where you’re riding the bus and you witness somebody swipe left on your Tinder photo. Ouch. Wish you could look away, BUT YOU CAN’T.

Millennials vs. Generation X: Not As Bad As You Think!

Usually, our teenage obsessions make us feel not just super old, but also embarrassed by our younger selves. When teens of today talk about our fave ’90s Boy Bands: “These guys look 30” is so far the worst insult. “Denim on denim on denim” is a close second. Somehow none of this hurt Justin Timberlake’s street cred though, and they actually LIKED some of the songs! Maybe we’ve still got it after all….

A Vine King’s Back to School Prank

Don’t you hate it when you wake up and knock over the giant poster board of your face in class? Such an embarrassing moment, Zach King. 

If You’ve Never Been, You Couldn’t Possibly Understand

Dude. There’s nothing worse than trying to explain Burning Man to someone who doesn’t get it, and never will. Don’t be that loser who asks “What was it like? Was it hot?”


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