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Best Videos Ever: Fitness Videos

The Olympics may be coming to a close, but they definitely kicked us into full body-shame gotta-get-back-into-my-fitness routine gear. If you’re feeling as motivated – and let’s be honest, in need of some encouragement – as we are, you’ll enjoy the hilarious videos we put together for you this week.

What Do You Mean Men Can’t Try Out for Synchronized Swimming? #ChallengeAccepted

“Wife of Bear’s lineman wins a Bronze medal today in Rio!” Is it just us, or did gender bias blow it’s fucking nut this Olympics? Well, the heat is hitting the other half, too. Did you know men aren’t even allowed to try out for synchronized swimming? The injustice ends now. Menswear company Chubbies Shorts sets out on a mission to prove that men are just as capable as women in this video gone viral. (126K+ views and counting!).

Holy Calves, How Is This Even Possible

While this vertical-snap-posted-to-FB may not have been shot by a video crew, “Fuck off” captured exactly how we felt when we saw this non-Olympian  crushing the elliptical. With 71K shares, and a completion rate 9x higher than it’s horizontal counterpart, looks like vertical video is a worthwhile strategy to experiment with on FB.

Source: @Jungvonmett Date: April 18, 2016
Source: @Jungvonmett Date: April 18, 2016

How To Swim Like Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps and Simone Manuel’s epic wins (and bodies) got us feeling all kinds of motivated. We may not have swam in a decade, but Olympics 2020, watch out we’re coming for you.

Source: Pop Sugar Date: August 12, 2016
Source: Pop Sugar Date: August 12, 2016


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