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Pop Culture’s Talking Heads & Silent Mannequins

Hey, boo. How are you feeling? You ok? November was a crazy month for culture, huh? Don’t let the state of the union mess with your head though. We need to keep moving forward and focusing on progress. Plus, we have a new stupid photo meme – it’s kinda like planking in that you have to hold as still as possible, but you get far more posing options.

Hold It Now

As usual, Zach King does it so much cooler than anyone else. His Mannequin Challenge contribution is wildly overachieving with at least 14 participants, a bunch of props and a sports theme. It also taps into the trend of a song inspiring (and being the soundtrack for) meme for us – thank you, “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

Historic Night, Don’t Worry About It

A bunch of mostly-white, privileged yuppies get together to watch the election night results. They just can’t believe that Trump could possibly win, you guys! This SNL skit NAILED the pervasive, liberal disbelief for political culture, which Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle expertly skewer. And gave us some much needed LOLs the week after the election.

#UnitedStatesofWomen, Still Got It

But it wasn’t all bad. Where there’s progress, there’s hope. We have not have gotten our first woman president, but we did quadruple the number of women of color elected to the Senate! Check out 6 women who did shatter the glass ceiling on Election Night.

Online Dating = Kiss of Death

On Election Night, a friend of ours was on Bumble asking every guy on there who they voted for. If they said Trump, she responded “Time of Death; XXXX.” As you can imagine, most of the dudes didn’t have much of a sense of humor about it. They also thought it shouldn’t get in the way of uhhh, “love” but she informed them that of course it did. We had to wonder how many peoples’ dating lives were affected by the election results.

Let’s Give Thanks, From All Over America #AlreadyGreat

Back to being thankful in spite of challenging times….we compiled a bunch of scenes of people eating and celebrating on Thanksgiving. Happy holidays to all!


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